Pi Kappa Phi National Organization is one of the best known philanthropic fraternities in the country. Omicron is especially known for it’s philanthropic efforts as well. We rank first out of every organization on campus for Service Hours, averaging 54 hours per brother and a total of 5868.5 total hours last semester. Over the past school year (2014-2015) we raised over $3000 through various philanthropy events on and off campus. Many of our brothers participate in volunteer work outside of the fraternity including Al’s Pals. Will Hall, class of 2010, most recently participated in Be The Match, donating bone marrow to a stranger in need. The two proudest achievements of Omicron though including a fundraiser for one of our employees, Steve Meggs, as well as a new partnership with the charity, Sober Living America. Along with Sober Living America sponsored functions, Crossing Points, Best Buddies, and a revamped The Ability Experience program keep brothers busy. Finally, joint efforts with other organizations around campus all contribute to the legacy that is Omicron philanthropy.

Steve Meggs has worked for Omicron housing since 2013 through the Arc of Tuscaloosa organization here in Tuscaloosa. This past Summer, Steve had some trouble with a second job which forced him to resign. As a way to show how much Steve mattered to all the brothers here at Omicron, we set out to raise money in order to give him a small token of our appreciation. At the last Brother’s Night Out event, we were proud to offer Steve not just a smalluser_photo-560879822c5f9 token of our appreciation, but 320% of our original goal resulting in a donation of $1602.

Second, we have just begun a, hopefully fruitful, partnership with Sober Living America. Sober Living America’s goal is to both house and support families of those who suffer from addiction, as well as to educate students, just like the brothers of Omicron, to prevent future situations of alcohol abuse becoming a reality. They bring affordable sober living facilities to families in need. This is where the brothers, friends, and family of Pi Kappa Phi come in. Our Goal is to help these families in need while raising awareness to those around us. I would be remiss to say that the brothers can do this on our own however. This is where you come in. Any amount you can donate towards this amazing cause would be incredibly hopeful and meaningful to not only us, the organization, but most importantly to all those that are helped through this organization. 100% of your donation goes to helping those in need, and every dollar counts.

If you would like to read more about the organization follow this link here, and If you would like to donate on behalf of Pi Kappa Phi Omicron, please do so here.

Remember, every dollar counts. Thank you so much for your time and support of all that we do here at Omicron.

Justin Lukas, Philanthropy Chair.

"I would ask a Brother to please contribute toward what we are trying to achieve. We are on pace to reach our goal, but we cannot do it without more support. Everybody can give something. It is wrong to think that any amount isn’t important or enough."
‐ Bradley Ray ’90, Campaign Contributor and Board Member

Recent Donors

  • Douglas B. Bennett ’75
  • Robert F. Inman ’62
  • J. Benton White ’50
  • Thomas M. Wilson ’96


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