Donor List

Thank You, Loyal Brothers, for Committing $1,708,879

We are deeply grateful to the following Pi Kappa Phi Brothers for committing $1,708,879 to the Building for the Next 100 Years campaign. These Brothers recognize the importance of ensuring the future of the Omicron Chapter and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience by making an investment in the future of Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Alabama.

Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal and complete this major project. All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500, over a five-year period, will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the Chapter House. All donors will be recognized in our publications. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please advise our campaign coordinator by calling (785) 856-9583 so that we may make a correction.

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Founder’s Circle
($200,000 and above)
William Barton ’68
Charles Trimmier
In honor of
Emmett O. Dendy ’46,
C. Steve Trimmier Jr. ’63, and
William J. Barton Jr. ’68

Centennial Circle
($100,000 to $149,999)
Blair Temple ’79

Crossed Swords Circle
($50,000 to $99,999)
Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi
Roman Shaul ’92
Steve Miller ’93
JD’s Grocery & Package Store
Cicatiello Family Gift

Black Diamond Society
($25,000 to $49,999)
Emmert O. Dendy ’46
Joe C. Cassady ’47
Gene Cartledge ’48
Warren D. DeBardelaben Jr. ’56
Paul Wesch ’75
Gregory Richard ’81
Warren D. DeBardelaben III ’82
Randy Cimorelli ’83
Smith Family Gift
John A. Smith’85
Ron A. Smith ’85
John A. Greaves Jr. ’88
In honor of
Kendrick Reaves ’87
Coby Orr ’89
In honor of
his father
Coleman Orr
Richard M. Faust ’91

Red Rose Society
($15,000 to $24,999)
A.J. “Lonnie” Strickland III ’70
Robert A. Argo III ’72
William T. Bishop Jr. ’74
Nathan Hightower ’75
Cengiz “Jim” Kilic, M.D. ’77
In memory of
Jeffrey Michael Kilic and
David Tansan Kilic
Skip Steed III ’77
Bridgeport South Realty Advisors,Inc.
Felix D. Fudge ’81
David DeBardelaben ’84
David J. Sharpe ’84
Jeffrey D. Wiggins ’85
Bradley N. Ray ’90
Omicron Society
($10,000 to $14,999)
Darryl Robinson Alpha Eta ’87
George E. Aiken Jr. ’47
James P. Phillips ’52
Dr. John E. Bennett ’63
Clarence “Whit” Callahan ’64
William M. Schroeder ’64
James M. Brown Jr. ’68
Harrington Family Gift
Michael Harrington ’75
Christopher Harrington ’07
David L. Hinton ’75
C. Brightman Skinner, Jr. ’76
Dr. J. Noble Anderson Jr. ’81
Malcolm Clynt Parrish ’82
Patrick W. Cogburn ’83
George V. Weston III ’83
Stan Woodson ’84
DuffyThaxton ’85
Gerald Jowers II ’90

White & Gold Club
($5,000 to $9,999)
Mrs. Kelly Wright Hurd
S.W. Jackson Jr. ’45
James W. Jackson ’48
James I. Owens ’52
William C. Taylor ’55
In memory of
Robert Jeffares ’54
Robert M. Wilson Jr. ’57
John A. Elsevier ’63
Wayne P. Turner ’63
Larry J. Contri ’64
Lamar C. Kelly Jr. ’64
Jerry R. Truitt ’64
William M. Westbrook Jr. ’64
H.C. Bounds Jr. ’65
Richard S. Taylor ’65
Thomas E. Norton Jr. ’67
Laurence D. Vinson Jr. ’67
Tim Russell ’68
In honor of
Kevin Russell ’95
Kenton Russell ’95
R. Waid Thompson ’69
Edwin V. Caldwell II ’74
In honor of
Harry ’72, Bob ’72, and
Bill Caldwell ’76
Michael D. Snow ’74
Jack E. Brunson ’75
James A. Robertson ’75
Champ Bowling ’76
In memory of
Frank Fleming ’76 and
Al Ware ’76
Thomas J. House ’75
James G. Madison III ’76
William L. Brunson, Jr. ’77
Joseph B. Martin Jr. ’80
In memory of
Greg Frazier ’81

Sid Trant ’80
Ladson F. Montgomery ’81
Stewart Powell ’81
William Hampton Singleton ’82
Daniel E. Beggs ’84
Seth Chapman ’84
R. Stan Woodson ’84
Ronny Smith ’85
Mark A. McBride ’87
Scott Hannon ’89
Mark Gelman ’90
Stan Snipes ’90
Chris Helgoth ’91
Brian Hydrick ’91
Brian Hubbard ’92
Bryan D. Edwards ’93
Thomas M. Hidell Jr. ’93
R. Ray Nettles, M.D. ’93
Cory Blake Edwards ’94
In memory of
Alex H. Crotwell ’95
Daniel J. Weber ’95
W. Jason Whatley ’97
In memory of
Clayton White
Nick O. Wilmott ’97

1917 Club
($2,500 to $4,999)
Robert L. Bowers Sr. ’47
Robert L. Shepherd ’53
In memory of
Curtis Wright
J. Michael Clark ’58
Barry N. McCrary ’58
Tom B. Vaughan Jr. ’60
Robert Frederick Inman ’62
In honor of
Emmett Dendy
Hon. Thomas P. Stowe, Jr. ’62
In memory of
Jack Pate ’60
Justice Terry Lucas Butts ’63
In honor of
Kells C. Carroll III ’91
Clinton E. Clark Jr. ’64
Ruben R. Montiel III ’64
Harvey Pesnell ’65
R. Glenn Eubanks ’68
Barry J. Brock ’72
Ray H. McLaughlin, DMD ’73
Sid Nelson ’73
In memory of
Morris L. Nelson
Epperson Family Gift
Kirk Epperson ’75
Jake Epperson ’09
T. Brooks Henderson ’75
Leon B. Newman ’76
Mark F. Jacobs ’79
In honor of
Landry Jacobs ’12
Lester Nelson III ’80
Dr. Harvey A. Sikes ’80
In memory of
Mr. L. Don Norton
John C. Boggan Jr. ’81
Keith D. Obert ’83
Mark D. Stenmark ’84
Bart A. Barr ’85
Mark T. Cotton ’85
James “Blue” Morrow ’85
John “J.B.” Blevins ’86
Steve Eaves ’86
J. Noel King ’86
Brian C. Neill ’86
Bryan Prewitt ’86
Thomas S. Sawyer ’86
Kendrick W. Reaves ’87
Jeffrey M. Cull ’88
Benjamin W. Dooley ’88
Chuck Eaton ’88
Drew Outzen ’88
In honor of
Andrew H. Outzen Jr.
Stephen G. Smith ’88
David R. Adams ’89
Daniel E. DiGuglielmo ’89
Christian Duhaime ’89
John Humphreys ’89
Thomas L. Joy ’89
Russell G. Hanley Jr. ’90
Daniel DeChellis ’91
Matthew P. Daley ’92
D. Brian O’Dell ’92
Charles D. Stinson ’93
Brandon S. Minor ’94
Tom Borton IV ’95
In memory of
Alex Crotwell ’95
R. Clint Brown ’95
Brian D. Jennette ’95
C. Matt McNeese ’95
In memory of
Alex H. Crotwell ’95
John W. Pfaudler Jr. ’95
In memory of
Alex H. Crotwell ’95
Patrick D. Witherington ’96
David H. Richardson ’97
D. Todd Spivey ’97
Thomas Grimsley Jr. ’98
Andrew J. Milazzo ’02
David M. Wise ’02
Joseph B. McComick ’03
Tyler M. Chapman ’05
Matt Wisda ’05
In memory of
Preston Parish
Robert Hollingsworth ’07
Michael R. Foxhall ’08
In honor of
Jake Peterson ’08
David A. Fowler Jr. ’10
Dash Zahringer ’11

Brotherhood Club
($1,000 to $2,499)
In memory of
S. Frank Fleming ’76
Mack Matthews ’49
Albert E. Ritchey ’51
Jack M. Blasius ’52
In honor of
W. H. Pate
James “Wayne” Parker ’54
Paul C. Morrow ’56
Ronald W. Case, M.D. ’57
Paul T. Smith ’68
Linda & Travis Julian ’70
Cary J. Payne ’70
James L. May III ’71
Robert L. Kurtts ’72
Charlie W. Fleming Jr. ’73
Joe R. Hobby ’73
Mark E. Spear ’73
James “Ernie” Blair ’75
Robert L. Bowers Jr. ’75
Lee M. Davis ’76
David W. McGill ’77
E. Franklin Woodson Jr. ’77
Richard R. Bowling ’78
Steve K. Smith ’83
Mark Chapman ’88
Matthew J. Singleton ’88
Jefferson Fuel Sournce, LLC
Jim Fortner ’60
Joey Fortner ’89
Michael K. Innes ’89
In honor of
David Adams ’89
Bryan McCullick ’89
Andrew D. Burke ’90
Ward Smallwood ’91
Ryan D. German ’92
Jonathan H. Day ’95
Charles F. Felgner Jr. ’96
Nicholas R. Frerman ’96
Christopher A. Kirby ’96
Matthew W. McGee ’97
Thomas Matthew Jones ’98
Wesley A. Prater ’98
Chase Allen ’99
In honor of
Linda Crawford, “Mrs. C”
Benjamin K. Hinton, M.D. ’03
Dennis B. Hinton ’03
W. Ross Hoyle ’04
Daniel L. Hinton ’06
Jonathan B. Ragsdale ’06
G. Blake Temple ’08

Betty Mobley Cox
Dr. Lena Tate Hall
Kreisler Family Gift
Holly Kreisler
Preston Kreisler ’12
Timothy McKechnie
In honor of
Mason McKechnie
Dr. Philip Neely
Serena Neely
Rick Payne Terri
Payne Irene C.Perkins
In memory of
Robert H. Perkins Sr. ’53
Nancy Golson Smith, Tri-Delta ’57
In memory of
Joe Smith ’51
Mike Trull
Wade Walker
Jane Chalker Wells
In memory of
Buren E. Wells ’45
Jules L. Davis ’44
In honor of
David Dorsey Family
Maclin S. Kennemer Jr. ’46
Dorothy S. Kennemer
In memory of
Maclin S. Kennemer ’46
Grady B. Williams ’46
J. Benton White ’50
Dr. William J. DuBose ’51
Peggy Bartlett
In memory of
B.J. Bartlett ’54
Col. B. Kim McDonald Jr. ’57
Robert B. Phillips ’57
Charles L. Groover ’60
Richard A. Kilgore, Sr. ’61
Robert L. Grimes ’64
Ed Kerr ’64
James C. Baldone Jr. ’65
John D. Rees ’65
William J. Kittrell ’66
William W. Bright ’68
Marvin D. Hall ’68
Jacob R. Freeman Jr. ’70
Wynn L. Ryan ’71
Daniel C. Lemley ’73
William O. Adams ’74
James H. White Jr. ’74
Douglas B. Bennett ’75
D. Chris Wells, M.D. ’75
William C. Caldwell ’76
In honor of
Harry ’72, Ed ’74 and
Bob Caldwell ’76
Levi M. Crumpton III ’76
W. Stanley Garner Jr. ’78
Jack L. Gaines II ’82
David W. May ’86
William O. Hilburn IV ’88
Dale D. Whitehead ’90
Tom Wilson ’96
In memory of
Alex Crotwell ’95
Darren D. Lovich ’98
Nicholas Hensler ’12
Ryan DeBardelaben ’13

"I would ask a Brother to please contribute toward what we are trying to achieve. We are on pace to reach our goal, but we cannot do it without more support. Everybody can give something. It is wrong to think that any amount isn’t important or enough."
‐ Bradley Ray ’90, Campaign Contributor and Board Member

Recent Donors

  • Douglas B. Bennett ’75
  • Robert F. Inman ’62
  • J. Benton White ’50
  • Thomas M. Wilson ’96


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