The Ten Fathers of OMICRON

The purpose of our fraternity, as stated in our constitution, is to “promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the traditions and ideals of the colleges where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship, and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and good citizenship.”


On March 19th, 1917, a group of young men, at the University of Alabama, applied for a charter to the Pi Kappa Phi National Fraternity.  A month later, a charter was issued establishing the OMICRON chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.  OMICRON was the sixteenth chapter to be chartered by the young national organization and the first in the state of Alabama.


The chapter soon became a leader in both Pi Kappa Phi and on the University campus.  The first permanent chapter house, acquired in 1921, was occupied by OMICRON, until the present chapter house was built in 1963.


OMICRON chapter made a “First” in the history of Pi Kappa Phi when it’s 1000th member was initiated in January 1971.  To date, the chapter continues to be a leader among all chapters of Pi Kappa Phi with more than 2000 men initiated.


The ten founding Fathers of OMICRON inspired future generations to carry on the torch of excellence, service, and leadership.  To them we are eternally grateful and ever reverent.

Gordon Banard

Hewitt Hortez Brice

Herman Festus Burchfield

Charles Jordan Colquett

John Edwin Harris

Francis Bruce Pratt

William Couch Randolph Jr.

George Harper Stacy

James Mayfield Ward

Albert Barr Wright




Pi Kappa Phi was founding on the premise of creating leadership opportunities for our members. Our founders exemplified leadership in the classroom, on the athletic field, in campus politics and within the community of Charleston. Leadership is the very root of our organization, and it is the concept of leadership that shall guide us to our future. Our mission: We will lead. Our Vision: Pi Kappa Phi will redefine fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood of leaders.



I believe that the ideal chapter is made up of men

Who are bound together in a common loyaltywhich transcends any personal selfishness;

Who realize that membership means personal responsibility in bearing their share of the financial burden of the chapter and the national organization;

Who bring credit to the fraternity by striving to attain the highest possible standards of scholarship;

Who safeguard the reputation of their chapter by keeping careful watch over their personal conduct;

Who uphold faithfully the traditions and activities of their college;

Who prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens.

I believe that my chapter can become an ideal chapter, and I shall do my share to make it so.

"I would ask a Brother to please contribute toward what we are trying to achieve. We are on pace to reach our goal, but we cannot do it without more support. Everybody can give something. It is wrong to think that any amount isn’t important or enough."
‐ Bradley Ray ’90, Campaign Contributor and Board Member

Recent Donors

  • Douglas B. Bennett ’75
  • Robert F. Inman ’62
  • J. Benton White ’50
  • Thomas M. Wilson ’96


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