Core Values

Pi Kappa Phi develops its membership through the Ritual of Initiation, but also through a variety of programs and opportunities – many of which lead the interfraternal world. Members of Pi Kappa Phi have a dutyto prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens – as men of C.L.A.S.S. The letters of the acronym represent tenets, each of which describes how brothers are expected to live their lives as students and alumni.



Pi Kappa Phi develops men of character. A man of true character lives by his personal values as well as those espoused in the fraternity’s Ritual of Initiation. He demonstrates personal integrity and ultimate respect, ensuring his actions reflect positively upon every member of the fraternity. Pi Kappa Phi instills the value of character through programs such as Pi Kapp College, ResponseAbility and the Certified Ritaulist Program, as well as through our Ritual of Initiation and subordinate rituals.



Pi Kappa Phi was founded to create leadership opportunities; therefore, the fraternity Phi believes that leadership is a choice rather than an action. The fraternity also expects that members will commit to a lifetime of leadership in their workplace and community. Pi Kappa Phi offers some of the most innovative leadership development programs in the interfraternal world, including Pi Kapp College, Mid Year Leadership Conference and the Associate Chapter Institute.



For most people achievement is the equivalent of success, which comes in many forms and places. Regardless, members of Pi Kappa Phi strive to emulate our founders’ pursuit of excellence, which brings credit to the fraternity. Each year, Pi Kappa Phi’s Summer Awards and Winter Awards recognize students, alumni, volunteers and friends of the fraternity for their accomplishments, improvements and achievements.



Scholarship refers to activities that cultivate intellectual curiosity, growth and development. Student members are encouraged to attain the highest possible standards of academic achievement, supported by Pi Kappa Phi’s academic success resources. Alumni are also encouraged to seek opportunities for professional development and lifelong learning.



Service to others is the key to building a better world, and members of Pi Kappa Phi distinguish themselves by serving others through Push America. Pi Kappa Phi prides itself on remaining the only national fraternity or sorority to established and maintain its own national philanthropy, Push America, which works to redefine the way society views both people with disabilities and fraternities. Our commitment to service, however, also more broadly involves answering the call to lifelong civic engagement on our campuses and in our communities.

"I would ask a Brother to please contribute toward what we are trying to achieve. We are on pace to reach our goal, but we cannot do it without more support. Everybody can give something. It is wrong to think that any amount isn’t important or enough."
‐ Bradley Ray ’90, Campaign Contributor and Board Member

Recent Donors

  • Douglas B. Bennett ’75
  • Robert F. Inman ’62
  • J. Benton White ’50
  • Thomas M. Wilson ’96


Brother of the Month

Matthew Robone, Danville, CA, #2314

Matt Robone, a renowned brother of Pi Kappa Phi has been vigorously working...

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